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1) Aloe Vera Juice :

Qty : 500ml.

Ingredient : 100% Stabilized Aloe Barbadensis Juicel.

Unicare’s Aloe Vera juice Is Made from Aloe Barbadensis Miller which is one of the best medicinal plants out of 250 Categories of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera contains Vitamin A, B, C, and amino acids which are very essential for human body. Aloe Vera is multipurpose plant; It’s Juice is for internal and gel for external purpose.

Benefits :
1) Removes Toxins from Stomach & Intestine.
2) Improves Digestive power.
3) Heals internal & external wounds.
4) Helps in Gas, Acidity & Constipation.
5) Helps to reduce Obesity.
6) Good for Liver disorder and Jaundice.
7) Anti-oxidant and useful in skin diseases.

Dose : 30ml Of Aloe Vera Juice with one glass of Luke Warm water. Drink it early in the Morning Empty Stomach & Same Quantity One Hour before Dinner .

Warning : Avoid during pregnancy & child below 2 years old.


2) Dia Vera Juice :

Qty : 500ml.

Ingredient : Sirphal (bel), Turmeric, Aamla, Mulaithi, Spirulina, Neem, Pudina, Stevia, Durva.

Dia Vera is potent anti-inflammatory Herbs & anti-bacterial property having a combination of Several Herbs.

Benefits :
1) Diabetes and Joint pain.
2) Immune Booster.
3) Reduce Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis.
4) Helps in Hemoglobin & Calcium deficiency
5) Remove Kidney stone & Skin allergy.
6) Control Blood Pressure (High / Low).
7) Alkaline – Acidic Balance.
8) Helps in Liver psoriasis & other Liver diseases.
9) Helps to increase appetite and weight.

Dose : 30ml Of Aloe Vera Juice with one glass of Luke Warm water. Drink it early in the Morning Empty Stomach & Same Quantity One Hour before Dinner.


3) Garlic Treat :

Qty :60 Soft Gels.

Composition : Concentrated Garlic oil ------- 300gm .

Special Formula for Stimulating Brain & Nerves System Which Is Extract of Kashmiri Garlic.

1) Memory Booster.(Activates the neurons of brain)
2) Benefits in Cough, Cold & Asthma.
3) Removes Cholesterol (L.D.L.).
4) Beneficial For Blood Pressure (High /Low).
5) Remove Kidney stone & Skin allergy.

Dose : 1-2 Capsule twice a day or as directed by physician.


4) Herbal Tea :

Qty :100gm.

Composition : Green Tea -20%,Black Tea -30%, Ginger-2%, Tulsi-7%, Black Pepper-1%, Cinnamon-1%, Shatavari-5%, Yastimadha-15%, Cardamom-2%, Guduchi-2%, Stevia-5%, Ashwagandha-2%, Ginseng-1%, Khaskhas-1%, Aloevera-5%, Sucralose-q.s, Tea Masala-q.s etc.

Herbal Tea is a Mixture of Unprocessed Tea and Several Natural Herbs in which no need to add Extra Sugar As well As Tannin Free. A Single Formula of Indian Herbs for Stopping and Cleansing Rusted Inner Body Parts.

1) Helps in Weight Loss
2) Remove Toxins / Blood Purifier.
3) Enhance Liner Functioning.
4) Improve Memory & Concentration Power .
5) Helps in Digestion Power.
6) Reduce Mental & Physical stress. Natural Rejuvenator and Antioxidant.
7) Energy drink for Diabetic patient.

Dose : Intake 1 teaspoon for 3 cup thrice a day. No need to add sugar. First boil water or milk then adds herbal tea for hot tea. Use cold water for Ice Tea. Avoid milk by obese people


5) Joint Support :

Qty :6o cap.

Composition :Aloe barbadensis20 mg.
Glucosamine sulphate300 mg.
Methyl sulphonyl methane275 mg.
Bosewellia serreta40 mg.
Curcumin15 mg.
Vitamin C25mg,
Manganese sulphate2.5mg.

Extract Of Aloe–Vera Barbadensis Miller Which Reduces Joint Deformities & Enhances Joint Functions.

Benefits for :
1) Reducing joint pain
2) Helps in Rheumatoid & Osteo, Arthritis.
3) Repairs Cartilage & Strengthen Ligaments.
4) Provide Natural Synovial Fluid for Proper Joint Functioning .
5) Provide Calcium to the Bones & Strengthen Muscles.
6) Reduce inflammation.

Dose :One Capsule twice a day.


6) Low weight powder :

Qty :100gm.

Ingredients : Barley – 10gm, Tulasi – 10gm, Mulethi – 10gm, Aloe Barbadensis – 5gm.

A Natural formula for Weight management. Combination of Oat bran Fibrous Food Supplement Which Restrict the Fat Production from Liner and Inhibits Fatty Food Digestion In the intestine.

Benefits for :
1) Reduces Fat & weight
2) Removes Cholesterol From The Arteries.
3) Beneficial In Gas, Acidity & Constipation .
4) Improves Digestion.
5) Absorb oil from food, so avoid Obesity.
6) Control Metabolism.

Dose :
1 or 2 Tea Spoon Powder with a glass of water & drink It immediately after every meal.


7) Urjitam:

Qty :300gm.

Ingredients : Each 10gm. contain :
Shatavari–500mg,Ashwagandha–500mg,Jeshtimadhu–500mg, Brahmi–500mg,Shankhpushpi–500mg,Sugar–Q.S.

Urjitam is a Combination of ancient Ayurvedic herbs which makes Our Brain & Nervous system Strong. Regulate Growth Hormone and boost immunity power.

Benefits for :
1) Reduces Fat & weight.
2) Increases strength of Bones & Muscle.
3) Correct Hormonal Imbalance.
4) Weight Gain / Weight Loss.
5) Helps in Growing Height.

Highly recommended for Child, sportsman, executive, workers and pregnant women.

Dose :Two Teaspoonful of Powder Mix it With a Glass of Luke Warm Milk And Drink it Twice a Day. Can be use with cold milk.

Note : » For Weight Gain with Milk. » For Weight Loss with mixture of Luke Warm Water, Honey & Lemon.


8) Vita – X Capsule :

Qty :60cap.

Ingredients : Ashwagandha, Safed Musali, Samudra shokha, Aloe ext, Vatya, Nutmeg, Velvet bean, Kulikhara, shatavari, Soya protein etc.

A Herbal Formula for enhancing the Sexual Stamina of a Person Without any Chemical Side Effects.

Benefits for :
1) Increases Sperm Production.
2) Provide Strength to your Penis Muscle.
3) Delays Ejaculation.
4) Providing Mental Ability to Perform Better.
5) Increase performance Time.
6) Reduce Tiredness & Depression.

Dose :
One Capsule after Lunch & Dinner with a Glass of Milk.


9) Spirulina with Aloe Vera :

Qty :60 Capsule

Benefits :
1) Respiratory / Asthma Problems.
2) Nervous System & Anti – Inflammatory.
3) Lower triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol.
4) Immune power.

Dose :
One Capsule twice a day after Lunch & Dinner.


10) Omega 3 :

Ingredients : Purified fish oil – 1000mg.

Containing this Omega-3 fatty acid :
EPA – 180mg, DHA – 120mg, Total Omega-3 Acids – 300mg.

Omega 3 fatty acids are a form of poly unsaturated fat, one of four basic types of fat that the body derives from food (Cholesterol, Saturated fat & mono-saturated fat are the others) including omega 3, are increasingly recognized as important to human health.

Benefits :
1) Reduce Blockages of heart.
2) Respiratory / Asthma Problems.
3) Nervous System & Anti –Inflammatory.
4) Lower triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol
5) Immune power.
6) Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoporosis.

Dose : Once or twice capsule empty stomach.


11) Jeevan Purush

Qty : 250ml.

Ingredients :Karela, Neem twak, Gudmar, Vijaysar, Haridra, Giloy, Amla.

Jeevan purush is well known for its effects on the Male total Health. These herbs are known to enhance the feeling of spiritual love & Increases Ojas.

Benefits :
1) General weakness.
2) Immune Booster.
3) It assists in Brain development, Growth & Digestion.
4) Helps in blood sugar maintence.
5) Helps in Blood pressure & cholesterol.
6) Strengthen reproductive system.
7) Increases sperm count.
8) Helps in Sexual weakness & Infertility.

Dose :10 to 20ml Of Jeevan purush with one glass of Luke Warm water.


12) Nari Urga

Qty : 250ml.

Ingredients :Ashwagandha, shatavari, mulethi,madhupatra, gokharu   Sunth.

Nari urja is well known for its effects on the female’s total health. These herbs are known to increase Sattva or positivity & healing power.

Benefits :
1) Menstrual disorder.
2) Immune Booster.
3) Infertility.
4) Helps in Hemoglobin & Calcium deficiency
5) Strengthen reproductive system & prevents miscarriage.
6) Reduces menopausal symptoms.
7) White discharge / leucorrhoea.
8) Helps in ovarian cyst ( P.C.O.D ) & fibroids.
9) General weakness.

Dose :10 to 20ml Of Nari urja with one glass of Luke Warm water.


13) Arogya Urja :

Arogya Urja is formulated from herbal extracts and other natural ingredients of medicinal plants that ensure high effectiveness and safe to use attributes with no side effects. Arogya Urja is one of the best natural blood purifier due to its iron content.

Ingredients: Brahmi, Karela, Amla fruit ( Emblica officinalis ), Gudmar, Ashwagandha, Madhupatra (Stevia), Neem, Vijaysar, haridra, Giloy, Haritaki, Shatavari, Mulethi, Pippali, Bala, Daruharidra, Jamun ghutali, Mamejawa etc..

Benefits :
1) Very nutritious and healthy for the body Contained with rich Vitamins
2) Improves liver function and is liver protective
3) Control blood sugar
4) Helps strengthens digestion, absorption and assimilation of food by improving liver function
5) Increase the formation of red blood cells in body
6) Protect from many Digestive disorders
7) Helpful to keep the Stomach Intestinal cleansing
8) Decreases Hyper Acidity and useful in constipation
9) Natural blood purifier
10) Helps in weight reduction and water retention
11) Useful for our body growth and Immune Systems
12) Helps purify blood and alleviates cough and asthma
13) It is good for heart and kidney
14) Improves skin complexion and glow & Acts against the ageing process and maintain youthfulness
15) Improves male and female Vitality

Dose : 30ml Of Arogya Urja juice with one glass(120 ml) of Luke Warm water twice a day.


14) Jeevan satva :

Jeevan satva: This powder is a special blend of 7 mighty organic seeds to add to your diet. In developing Jeevan satva powder, we have paid particular attention to the overall health needs of both men and women as well as children ages six and up. Organic seeds used in Jeevan satva may be tiny, but they're packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, iron, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Jeevan satva powder provides a convenient solution for all members of the family. A teaspoon of Jeevan satva a day can really make a difference to your entire body, inside and out.

Ingredients: Moringa leaves, flax seed, Kalonji seed, Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sabja seeds etc.

Benefits :
1) Provide all essential vitamins and minerals.
2) Increase Hemoglobin level.
3) Beneficial in Eye Problems and improve vision
4) Cures general weakness.
5) Helps in Calcium deficiency
6) Increase Immunity and Vitality
7) Helps in Skin and Hair disorder
8) Useful in Osteoarthritis and Joint pain
9) Helps in Male and female Power

Dose : One teaspoon of JeevanSatva daily with water or food twice a day.


15) Daily Urja :

Daily Urja : Daily Urja is the Power packed Super Food that Contains Essential Vegetables & Fruits for maximum Nutrition for yourself as well as your Family.

Ingredients: Tomato, Beetroot, Bottle Guard, Carrot, Green Tea, Leh Berry, Moringa, Aloevera, Broccoli, Wheatgrass.

Benefits :
1)   Super Antioxidants
2)   Tasty & Healthy
3)   Provides Instant Energy
4)   More Fibers
5)   Fat Free
6)   Improves digestion
7)   Blood purification
8)   Reduces Stress & Tension
9)   Improve Immunity power
10) Help in Heart Related Disease
11) Improves Memory & Conentration
12) Super Food for Child & for Whole Family
13) It keeps your skin acne-free, making it healthier and prettier
14) 100% Phyto & natural Nutrition
                                      15) Kids Friendly
                                      16) Helps in wight loss
                                      17) Cholesterol Management
                                      18) 100% All Natural Active
                                      19) Improve Sex power
                                      20) Anti - Aging

Dose : Two teaspoon with water twice a day or as advised by expert.


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